The History of Pizzeria Uno

History is an ever-growing tale!


The year is 1943.  Franklin Roosevelt is in office, and something is happening in downtown Chicago.  On the corner of Ohio and Wabash, a pizzeria opens up.  The Pizzeria saw great success with its deep dish pizzas.  As time went on, the small pizzeria became the chain of restaurants know as Uno Chicago Grill.  However, this is where we separate from our shared past!


The year is now 1976.  Tom Kelly, who worked at the original Pizzeria Uno, purchased the Old Eagles Club building in Platteville.  After obtaining the rights to the Pizzeria Uno name in Wisconsin, he set out to recreate the original Pizzeria Uno.  With his previous knowledge, he adds a Wisconsin twist to the deep dish pizzas that saw success years ago.  Now separate and running his own Pizzeria Uno, he made the pizzas for the people in Platteville.  They enjoyed the pizzas as much as he did making them.


Many more years pass, and a new couple dined at Pizzeria Uno.  They both enjoyed the pizza so much, that they saw a destiny of one day owning the Pizzeria.  In 1994, John and Karen Utley purchased Pizzeria Uno, fulfilling their destiny!  As the new owners, they wanted to preserve the quality and taste of the 1976 pizza. Since then, the pizza has not changed and the pizzeria continues to bring the pizza that they first  fell in love with.  John and Karen also wanted to bring exceptional service to the restaurant, another promise they keep to this day.


In 1995 the Utley’s acquired Weygant’s Appliance building right next door.  Wanting a more bar centric location, they transformed the appliance store into the Annex.  It was and still is stocked for drinks of all kinds for the people of Platteville.  Even after the pizzeria closed for the night, the Annex would stay open longer into the night.  Many parties and game victories have been celebrated at the Annex since.


Its 2008 and both Pizzeria Uno and the Annex see another change.  The Utley’s really enjoyed the river that ran behind the Pizzeria.  They wanted something to share that experience as well as have that outdoor feel.  Their solution was adding another bar to the Uno’s family!  The Back Bar, an open air bar, was built right across from the Annex by the small creek.  The great Wisconsin outdoors added to the events and parties that showed up year after year.

As time moves on and things change, Pizzeria Uno will continue to supply Platteville with the best deep dish pizzas and long islands!  We hope you come and be part of our history.


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